April 2020 - COVID19

We are very much still operating as usual, having made the appropriate adaptions to our workings to comply with all Covid19 restrictions. We are still open in our social distanced office for scanning, however are currently unable to offer on-site scanning. We can however still provide contact free collection of documentation and return as required. We understand the importance of digitalising your archive documents to support your staff working from home. All documents can be index and bookmarked as required. Plus our scanning solutions provides searchable documents meaning the right document can be quickly and easily identified remotely


June 2019

We are excited to be working with a new IT consultant to help improve our efficiency and data security. These new best practices will allow us to turn projects around fast and improve our on-site scanning offering for those with additional data security requirements


December 2017

We are pleased to announce that we have started work on another scanning project for a local council


March 2017

WDSSL proudly announces the start of an archive scanning project with another Local Government Agency


January 2017

WDSSL commence scanning project for a local councils Buliding Control Deparment.


December 2016

WDSSL begin scanning partnership with local Specialist Archival Storage firm.


October 2016

WDSSL add book scanning to their list of services.


September 2016

This is what 30,000 pages looks like - Download the paper here!!


March 2016

The new website is complete and goes live.


Februrary 2016

WDSSL begin inhouse work on upgrading its website to be more mobile friendly.


November 2015

Wellorr Document Scanning Services is born and is moved away from their parent company Wellorr Ltd.


August 2015

Wellorr Ltd started its document scanning operation in Kent.

Version 1.0 of the scanning business' website is launched.